Life, uh, finds a way (2022)

Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Belgium

The strength of nature in urban conditions shows the promise of hope. In our artificial world, in which nature eventually takes over, this irresistible force becomes visible. It is fascinating how the natural rhythms are ever so present by non-interference. It just wants to be. It just wants to grow. Just like us.

This project is a visual research about overcoming barriers and survival. It’s about the relationship between humans and nature. In cities we often forget that Mother Nature is present. We suppress her, but she’ll always find a way.

Before the beginning of the high season I travelled through one of the touristic Ionian Islands. Zakynthos. Also known as 'the Flower of the Levant'.

Flower of the Levant (2019)

In 2015 I received +20k followers on my Instagram account because I got mentioned in the Suggested Users section. This was in the time before algorithms. At first I was honoured, but soon the feeling of all these 'eyes' on me had a negative effect. I deleted this account in 2019.

What you get is no tomorrow (2019)

a voyeuristic perception of reality
standing still but moving, still

on your phone, in the phone
escaping time

a whole world that is not tangible
caried by a device that is


This project was made during a seven week residency for the BredaPhoto festival 2018

Digitizer (2018)

I drew a circle with a radius of 3 kilometers around a point on the map of the city of Antwerp. I used my house as the centre. All images are taken within this circle. 'You are here' is a collection of analog images of moments, places and objects in combination with selfportraits. It is a visual diary, a diary with no beginning and no end, just like a circle. The essence of this project is about being aware of your surroundings and to feel appreciative of it.

You are here (2017)