Bloem van het morgenland, 2019 (small selection)

Before the beginning of the highseason I travelled through one of the touristic Ionian Islands, Zakynthos. Also known as the 'Flower of the Levant'.

What you get is no tomorrow, 2015 - 2019 (small selection)

In 2015 I recieved +20k followers on my Instagram account because I got mentioned in the Suggested Users section. This was in the time before algorithms. At first I was honoured, but soon the feeling of all these 'eyes' on me had a negative effect. Not everyone can handle fame. I deleted this account in 2019.

A tree not a leaf am I, 2019 (small selection)

Embracing freedom is nature's talent. I find myself searching for freedom and mostly end up with the green that surrounds us. Proud trees are dancing in the wind and beautiful flowers burst through concreet. Growing a way out of restrictions is a natural process.

You are here, 2017 (small selection, graduationproject)

I drew a circle with a radius of 1km on the map of the city I used to live in, I used my house as the center. All images are taken within this circle. 'You are here' is a collection of moments, places and objects in combination with selfportraits. It is a visual diary with no beginning and no end, just like a circle.

The essence of this serie is about being aware of your direct surroundings and to feel appreciative of it.

Digitizer, 2018 (small selection, for BredaPhoto festival)

This project was made during a seven week residency for the BredaPhoto festival 2018

Selected collages, 2014 - 2018